• What is a website?

    A website is a collection of web pages connected to each other by hyper-links. A web page can contain text, image, audio, and video. For example, the one appearing on your screen is a web page.

    Each website offers one or more types of information like books, music, video, news, etc.

  • Why do I need a website?

    We’re living in the Information Age that Internet becomes too familiar with everybody. Almost everyone uses Internet to find information because it is the fastest way. That’s why website is a powerful and must-have tool to promote yourselves to the public. Depending on each purpose, you have different reasons to have a website.

    For personal use: People use websites to introduce themselves to the world. Families share their photo albums on websites. Artists promote their works on websites. Moreover, job seekers use websites as their CVs; or many people simply write blogs everyday on personal blogs/websites.

    For business: With websites, businesses can reach more customers as well as potential customers efficiently. They also save more by publishing catalogs, coupons, and other information on the web instead of printing out and delivering to customers. Websites help businesses to increase the chance to make sales, too. For example: a restaurant needs to print menus, and they go to the Internet to search for “printing services in Dallas, Texas.” If a printing business doesn’t have a website, they will surely lose at least 1 potential customer.

    There are many reasons to have a website, but the main one is that for more people to know more about you in the more efficient way.

  • What is web hosting?

    Web hosting is simply where your websites are stored.

    Want to know more? OK, web hosting is the service that hosts your websites on server computers so that Internet users can view. These server computers are located at data centers and managed by web hosting companies.

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